Buy a card and get a book!


– now available

Look how pretty they are:

The brand new Red Hot Fireball greeting cards/books are ready to blast into your letterboxes – just in time for Christmas.
The Red Hot Fireball is a bi-lingual, interactive story for children aged 3+. Think kindle app for children, with gorgeous pictures which move when touched.
You can read the story in English or French, and/or listen to it in either language, too.


The Story:
One day, Zay gets so angry with her little brother that she turns into a Red, Hot Fireball. She blasts out of the house, and over the hills, right into a…red hot dragon!
Written by me (award-winning author Anita Lehmann), illustrated by the fabulous Clément Espinosa, and published by éditions utopie, Lausanne.

How it works:
On the outside, it’s a greeting card. On the inside, you will find space to write your message, and a QR code to download the story onto your tablet.

I can:
– send you a nicely wrapped card for your to personalize and pass on/ use for yourself
– write your message in the card, along with an author dedication, and send it off to the child of your choice directly :-).

If bought directly from me/ my website, the cards cost £5 plus postage to anywhere in the world.
Soon available at Heffers in Cambridge (at £6.95) – with more distribution venues in the UK coming soon.

Please pm me, or visit the contact page to place your order 🙂

and please – support an author – don’t hesitate to share.

The Red Hot Fireball says Thank you!

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