The Red Hot FOne day Zay gets so angry with her little brother that she turns into a red, hot Fireball! Follow Zay on her adventure, and find out how she manages to become a little girl again.
A story for anyone who (sometimes) gets very, very angry, this is a bi-lingual (English/French), interactive picture book for tablets and smartphones, illustrated by the most talented Clément Espinosa.
Published in December 2017 by éditions utopie, Lausanne. Now available in all good bookshops throughout the Suisse Romande (list on the publisher’s website).



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Zanna is confronted with double trouble. Why won’t her parents stop arguing? And who is the mysterious, invisible creature wreaking havoc in her house? With determination, and a little help from the mysterious creature, she eventually finds a way to get her parents to listen to her.
Zanna and the Something is a light-hearted picture book with a serious subject aimed at children aged 3-6.
Zanna and the Something, coming out in summer 2018, in English and in French, also with éditions Utopie.



– stories from Geneva’s history

Learn about Geneva’s history, as narrated by Allo the Allobrogian who has been buried underneath Geneva Cathedral for 2000 years, and who has witnessed EVERYTHING. How Caesar made Geneva history. Rousseau, the spotty youth. Monkeys at Voltaire’s house. Tsunamis on lake Geneva. Dark Matter at CERN. Peacocks in the park. Naughty dukes, vegetable soup, and chocolate marmites. And MORE.
This non-fiction book about Geneva’s history for children is awaiting funding to also be published in English and in French in 2018. Published by éditions Heuwinkel, Carouge, and illustrated by the fabulous Pierre Wazem.

update 21.10.2018: We have just received a first lot of funding for this project, which is wonderful.

I am working with the Festival Histoire et Cité in Geneva, using some of the stories in the book, to bring history to life for Geneva’s primary school children in spring 2019.