School Visits

I love school visits! Fun, interactive sessions, in English, French, or German (or all three!) for KS1, KS2, and nurseries built around the themes of my books:

  • ZANNA AND THE SOMETHING: the elephant in the room
  • WHITTLING AWAY: a whittling workshop.
  • SLOBBER SLOBBER KISS KISS : my body belongs to me.
  • HISTORY! (History of Geneva, but open to other other historical suggestions. I love a bit of research.).

Length: Workshop length can vary from 1 hour to full days, depending on the school’s needs.

Cost: Depending on what’s required, I charge £100- £150 for half a day, £300 for a full day, plus travel expenses (transport free within Cambridgeshire. Extra brownie points if I can cycle there:-)).

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.